Who is this book for?

This is the book I needed to read
before diving into fatherhood.

I wrote this book because after raising two kids I realized many of the books, classes, and resources out there just didn’t provide the practical content I needed to be prepared. Most focus on the process of labor, the early stages of a baby’s life, and breastfeeding. I struggled with how to fit into all this as the dad.

This book sets out to provide specific tips, tricks, and advice. All tailored towards the more practical and execution aspects of being a new father. We’ll avoid the fluff so whether you’re sitting around anxiously awaiting the baby's arrival or holding the baby up after a 3 am feed, you can start implementing these tricks today.

This book was not written by someone with an advanced degree in child psychology or medicine. This book was written by a group of new dads who are pulling from their own experiences, written at the time when they were actually experiencing becoming new dads.

What does the book cover?

We tried to break it down into small sections with visual callouts because we all know you are just going to skim this book anyway.

Chapter 1 What is about to come

An overview of the book on how new dads will get into a flow and get some insight into the unknown.

Chapter 2 Preparing for the big day

Here are a few (real) tips to help new dads prepare for one of the noisiest, smelliest, and most rewarding journeys of their lives.

Chapter 3 The hospital

Get an overview of what to expect at the hospital, and more importantly what you need to bring.

Chapter 4 The first few days at home

This chapter helps you figure out where everything goes, unpacking, settling in, and doing it all with a tiny human.

Chapter 5 Settling in and your first couple of weeks

With a new baby, there are two essential tasks: taking care of them and getting to know them. This chapter gives you the tips and tricks needed to do just that.

Chapter 6 The five week shift

Between weeks five and seven you will start to notice some changes in your baby. This chapter helps you navigate those changes.

Chapter 7 Making it to five months

As things start getting easier, this chapter covers the transformation from newborn to baby.

Chapter 8 Getting back to normal

They say the days are long, but the years are short. This chapter helps give you tips on getting back to normal.

Chapter 9 The gear you need to survive

A list of helpful gear and gadgets to make your lives much easier in those early months.

What people are saying about the book.

Don't just take their word for it. There is a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not happy with the book, for any reason.

Meet Justin

It is my passion to educate, empower, and encourage dads all over the world, hopefully making their lives a little easier.

Hey there! I'm Justin.

I am a recently graduated “new dad” of two daughters, husband to a super type-A wife and uncle to numerous nieces and nephews. As I have been raising my two daughters I am constantly writing down questions, problems, tips and tricks. I was also talking to dozens of other new dads around the grill, office, and internet.

This book is a compilation of all that wisdom. All of the advice comes from new fathers learning, experiencing, and developing strategies, during the time they were actually raising their new babies.

When I am not being a dad, I love to watch movies, play video games, and watch sports with a good beer. My favorite place on earth is Iceland. My family and I live in Austin, TX but I grew up outside the DC area.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions I get asked the most ... hopefully these will answer anything running through your mind. If not, contact me below and I will do my best to get you an answer.

We have a 30 day money back refund guarantee. If you are unhappy in any way with the book we will give you a refund, no questions asked.
No, this book is not here to teach you those things. This book sets out to provide specific tips, tricks, and advice. All tailored towards the more practical and execution aspects of being a new father.
You can expect to learn:
  • - Tips and tricks for being a new parent
  • - What gear you need to survive
  • - How to keep your relationship strong with your spouse
  • - How it feels at each stage of the early months
  • - An understanding of when things will return to "normal"
  • - Perspective on how your life will change as a new father
No two parents will have the same journey. It is not possible to predict your child, medical conditions, or many of the other bumps in the road that come up as a new dad. Nor is it worth trying to guess at them and provide advice for each one in this book. But I do believe that most children follow a relatively predictable flow early on in life and most new Fathers experience a shared experience in how their lives are changed. The goal of this book is to help new Dads understand this flow, these changes, and provide some insight into the unknown.
The book will go through what to expect during each stage of the first few months of raising your new baby. It will also have dad hacks, explanations, and tools of the trade call outs for easy recall and quick reference.
The book covers getting ready for the newborn all the way through five months. After month five, most dads are in a groove and newborns are moving into full blown baby territory.

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